Which are Useful Analysis / Data Mining / Data Science Tools?


Data collection: Java/Scala/Python

Data storage: MongoDB and MySQL, Dynamo, GitHub, RabbitMQ

Indexing: We index with Sphinx and are getting going with ElasticSearch/Lucene
Data modelling and exploratory data analysis: R, Python, Hadoop (with java/python/R) as necessary to do large scale data filtering, aggregation and clustering, SAS

Data visualization and analysis: Spotfire, D3 visualizations, Tableau

Running models: Java, Python

Web content mining: Octoparse, Scrapy, Kimono

Other Tools: SAS / Matlab / Microsoft Excel (All for analysis), OpenCV (image processing), NLTK (Natural Language Processing), Trifacta (Data cleaning & manipulation), Qlikview /Microstrategy / Pentaho / SiSense / Oracle BI / SAP BI etc (Business Intelligence), RapidMiner, SQL, KNIME, Hadoop, Spark, Weka (Data mining), Rattle (GUI for data mining)

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I am Kalyan Banga, a Post Graduate in Business Analytics from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta, a premier management institute, ranked best B-School in Asia in FT Masters management global rankings. I have spent 14 years in field of Research & Analytics.

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