Stephen Mallik ArtiE

ArtiE: Enterprise Platform for Building Voice Intelligent Solutions

In a conversation Mr. Stephen Mallik, CEO, ArtiE divulged Fusion Analytics World how ArtiE is changing the Enterprise landscape through their unique voice activated AI platform managed natively from any device. Introduction: Yourself….

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Mobilewalla Team - Fusion Analytics World Interview.

Mobilewalla: Global Mobile Consumer Audience Platform

In a conversation Mr. Anindya Datta, CEO & Chairman, Mobilewalla divulged Fusion Analytics World how Mobilewalla is changing the game in mobile consumer audience space by analyzing audience segments using big data technology to inform marketers of…

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Philip Seow Variantz - Interview with Fusion Analytics World

Variantz: Smart-Connected IoT Application Platform Solutions

In a conversation Mr. Philip Seow, CEO & MD, Variantz divulged Fusion Analytics World how Variantz is looking to be the game-changer in IoT space through regional partnership collaboration, thereby bringing more insight & action driven…

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Shion Deysarkar Datafiniti - Fusion Analytics World Interview

Datafiniti: The Intelligent Web Data Provider to Businesses

In a conversation Mr. Shion Deysarkar, Founder & CEO, Datafiniti divulged Fusion Analytics World how Datafiniti is planning to change the online web data game by introducing more machine learning approaches and automating data…

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Analytics & Visualization Tools From Vizbi Analytics

Interview: Kalyan Banga in conversation with the Founders of Vizbi Analytics to understand how they are revolutionizing the visualizations market through Vizbi tool. Who you are (Founders /Co-Founders) and what’s your…

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Ritesh Mohan Srivastava Interview - Fusion Analytics World

Interview with Ritesh Mohan Srivastava, Head of Analytics at Yatra

In a conversation Mr. Ritesh Mohan Srivastava, Head of Advanced Analytics, Yatra divulged Fusion Analytics World how Yatra is changing the game at user level using advanced ML algorithm and predictive modeling. To…

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Freelance Data Scientist - Wesley Engers Interview with Fusion Analytics World

Freelance Data Scientist & Statistical Consultant: Interview with Wesley Engers

Wesley Engers is a highly successful and sought after Freelance Data Scientist & Statistical Consultant. He expertise in providing data insights to companies and consultants using applied mathematics, statistics, and human ingenuity…

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Sudipto Sengupta (Zivanta Analytics) -Interview with Fusion Analytics World

Zivanta Analytics: Combining Analytics & Business Strategy as Differentiator

In a conversation Mr. Sudipto Sengupta, Country Head and Director, Zivanta Analytics divulged Fusion Analytics World how analytics which till now was influencing the business bottom line will in future influence how humans…

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Vinay Kumar ,CEO Datawise - Interview with Fusion Analytics World

Datawise: Offering Strong Modelling Based Data Analytics Solutions

In a conversation Mr. Vinay Kumar, Founder and CEO, Datawise divulged Fusion Analytics World how data analytics is helping businesses make informed decisions based on actionable insights. Please introduce yourself to our…

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GSTN to use Analytics

GSTN Data to Leverage Analytics to Nab Tax Evaders

GSTN data to leverage analytics and find meaningful ways to interpret and help make sense of the filings in tandem with other government departments The data generated through the technology backbone…

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