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Mobilewalla Team - Fusion Analytics World Interview.

In a conversation Mr. Anindya Datta, CEO & Chairman, Mobilewalla divulged Fusion Analytics World how Mobilewalla is changing the game in mobile consumer audience space by analyzing audience segments using big data technology to inform marketers of how to reach their most desired audiences.

Introduction: Yourself. What is Mobilewalla and how did it all start

Founded (Yr.): 2011
Mission: Mobilewalla is a next generation data company that employs big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and creativity to power the most granular consumer intelligence platform on the planet.
Employee Headcount Global vs India: 47 Total, 18 India
Office Locations: Kolkata, Jakarta, Singapore, London, Sydney, Atlanta, Chicago, NYC
Product: Data
Technologies Used: AWS
Verticals Served: Telco, CPG, Retail, Auto, Travel, Sports and Entertainment, Government
No of Customers: Per year, approximately 100

How large is the mobile advertisement market and what do you think sets Mobilewalla’s offering apart from its competitors?

The total global advertising market is estimated at $558B. Mobilewalla is the only consumer intelligence platform that observes, captures, and analyzes the evolution of the consumer, globally.

We provide both raw data and analyzed audience segments to inform marketers of how to reach their most desired audiences. We study behavioral patterns in app usage, location, and demographics as they change and shift over time. We collect data from 31 countries, so we have the richest view of what drives consumer behavior globally.

What is your opinion of the ‘audience targeting & segmenting service’ landscape?

Our audience segments enable better, more efficient consumer profiles for personalized, effective marketing based on insights into real-world behaviors and patterns.

  • Audience segmentation – Agencies can enjoy endless ways to market to their ideal customer by observing what potential buyers are doing in the real world.
  • Customized segmentation – We help agencies build powerful customer profiles based on their in-house consumer data, combined with our audience insights, all while persistently observing evolving consumer behavior patterns.
  • Social media optimization – Using our data, agencies can better target their best customers on social media, serving ads that maximize impact and increase brand visibility and value, while maintaining control over budget, impressions, and performance.

What is the source of Mobilewalla’s customer audience data? How do you use analytics for measuring the data for segmentation based targeting?

Mobilewalla harnesses location and behavior-based data to understand consumers and recognize where individuals are in their life journey. User information is collected from a variety of sources so advertisers can engage consumers who are ready to buy and develop compelling advertising campaigns that speak directly to their best customers.

Which are the segments & verticals observing demand when you speak with clients? Any sector/s that are likely to pick up demand in future?

Telco consumer data is far less comprehensive than they believe. However, most telcos are simply unaware of the large holes in their data. These gaps will be a major impediment to creating differentiated, powerful advertising stacks.

These complex data issues are not insurmountable. Mobilewalla works with telcos to create specialized “vertical” DMPs. Employing big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we turn massive amounts of highly fragmented data into clean consumer models that enrich telcos’ native consumer data and help create the 360 degree consumer profiles needed to anchor powerful advertising stacks.

What are the big data technologies you have adopted? Any new technologies you are planning to adopt in future?

We have created a cutting-edge, proprietary algorithm for data compression and storage that allows us to analyse and access an unprecedented amount of data.

Can you talk about technology execution, data storage and analysis challenges that you have faced? How do you plan to overcome them now and in future?

  • We own and operate the most comprehensive repository of mobile specific consumer data in the digital marketing ecosystem.
  • Scale: 80PB of consumer data

Can you talk about mix of few client case studies that were challenging? How did the team finally overcome the obstacles and lessons learnt?

The leading Malaysian telco, Axiata, has partnered with Mobilewalla to create a powerful data-driven advertising platform that will launch in the next few months. They started off thinking of creating a service using general purpose DMP software and their own data. It quickly became clear that the big-data challenges with ingesting, storing and retrieving massive amounts of data made it infeasible to use off-the-shelf software. They also saw it was imperative to enrich the data they have on their own consumers, and they have developed a multi-layer data-driven advertising stack, in partnership with us that is a blueprint for any telco wishing to bring such a system to market.

What is next for you and Mobilewalla? What are current job openings that you have?

This will be a year of incredible global expansion for us. We have already launched operations in London, Sydney, and now Kolkata. We are growing exponentially and will be hiring across the company. Stay tuned for how to join our incredible family.

It’s was wonderful talking to you Mr. Anindya! 

Thank you Kalyan!

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