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Role of Big Data in Future of AI

Big data trends are shaping AI in 2017, and their convergence has emerged as the most important development. It is shaping the future of how companies generate business value from…

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Google Analytics Dimensions

Beginners Guide to Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

It’s not so much about your data being tracked; it’s more of how it’s done. The success of your digital campaigns depends a lot on the kind of insights you…

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Predictive Analytics in Retail

Smart Use of Predictive Analytics in Retail Sector

Cut-throat competition and rising adoption of technology in the retail industry are both changing the ecosystem. But it won’t be wrong to say that predictive analysis as a technology has…

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Improve your use of CRM technology

3 Ways to Improve Your Use of CRM Technology

Among marketing experts, CRM, or customer relations management, is largely considered the best practice standard for strengthening customer loyalty today. Most commonly, marketers rely on CRM software to streamline the…

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Steps to Finding the Best Analytics Tools for You

Steps to Finding the Best Analytics Tools for You

Having the right analytics tool for your purposes is essential to any business intelligence (BI) project. This can be a detailed process that includes gathering requirements, determining priorities, and establishing…

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Role of Business Intelligence in org - Fusion Analytics World

5 Startup Success Stories that Used BI to Thrive

Big data is a digital roadmap to long-term success. This holds true across all sectors, from B2C to B2B industries. 83% of companies, in fact, believe that business intelligence (BI)…

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BI to Become More Efficient

How to Use BI to Become More Efficient

Business intelligence, or BI for short, can best be understood as a software-based toolkit for analyzing raw data sets. Companies today can generate massive amounts of raw data, or “big…

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Which are Useful Analysis / Data Mining / Data Science Tools?

Data collection: Java/Scala/Python Data storage: MongoDB and MySQL, Dynamo, GitHub, RabbitMQ Indexing: We index with Sphinx and are getting going with ElasticSearch/Lucene Data modelling and exploratory data analysis: R, Python,…

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CRM Analytics

Why You Should Really Be Using CRM Analytics

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) involves a significant investment of time and money. CRM is the ideal starting point for analytics because it collects the data that leads…

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Analytics Software.

3 Common Mistakes Regarding Analytics Software

Overview Let’s face it, judging analytics software is a rare interest to have. Most people would rather spend a whole week strapped to a dentist’s chair having their teeth drilled than…

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