BI to Become More Efficient

How to Use BI to Become More Efficient

Business intelligence, or BI for short, can best be understood as a software-based toolkit for analyzing raw data sets. Companies today can generate massive amounts of raw data, or “big…

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Which are Useful Analysis / Data Mining / Data Science Tools?

Data collection: Java/Scala/Python Data storage: MongoDB and MySQL, Dynamo, GitHub, RabbitMQ Indexing: We index with Sphinx and are getting going with ElasticSearch/Lucene Data modelling and exploratory data analysis: R, Python,…

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CRM Analytics

Why You Should Really Be Using CRM Analytics

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) involves a significant investment of time and money. CRM is the ideal starting point for analytics because it collects the data that leads…

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Analytics Software.

3 Common Mistakes Regarding Analytics Software

Overview Let’s face it, judging analytics software is a rare interest to have. Most people would rather spend a whole week strapped to a dentist’s chair having their teeth drilled than…

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Data Warehouse

Why Every Business Needs an Enterprise Data Warehouse

Data storage is an important element of any business because it enhances daily business operations. Enterprise data warehouses provide companies with better storage solutions for their data. A data warehouse…

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Artificial Intelligence

Top 18 Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts on Twitter

As artificial intelligence (AI) increases in importance in new technology and applications, several people have risen to the top of the field—achieving expert-level status and providing insight into breakthroughs, new…

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Data Warehouse

How to use Data Warehouse Software to your Benefit

Data warehouse software has been a key feature of enterprise IT infrastructure for many years. More affordable, user-friendly products have since appeared to benefit smaller companies, but there is still…

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Company Snapshot - How to Create Strategy for market analysis

How To Create A Strategy For Your Market Analysis

A well-orchestrated marketing strategy provides organizations with many advantages. Entrepreneurs may often rely on intuition or wait for the next great idea before adapting their marketing approach. However, consistently successful…

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Sales Team Needs to Know About Business Analytics - Fusion Analytics World

What Your Sales Team Needs to Know About Business Analytics

In the era of big data, communication of business intelligence becomes increasingly important as companies come to depend on useful insights from their own data. Sales reporting is an important…

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Focus on all Data Points - BI Method for SMBs

Easy-to-Implement Business Intelligence Methods for SMBs

Business Intelligence (BI) tools aren’t just for big enterprises. SMBs these days have access to the latest BI and predictive analytics software for determining consumer trends and staying competitive. Not…

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