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Rivalry of telco service providers: Social media buzz analysis to identify top performing brands in telecom industry

In present day information age, the telecom sector has a critical role to play. Considered as the pillar of economic and industrial development, the industry has been aiding delivery of data along with voice services at hugely growing speeds, thereby, has been revolutionizing human communication. All telecom brands, currently, have realized that technology is of key importance in pushing growth, thereby enhancing customer engagement. Social media along with mobile technology has had a major impact on telecom sector as customers are more and more utilizing these channels. Also, marketing executives are enhancing their usage of these channels to reach out to greater number of customers, exploring newer ways of doing business and enhancing their experiences.

In times ahead, emphasis will be on monetizing innovative business models, capitalize customer data by investing and thereby defining their response to over-the-top players. General carriers will continue to face dipping margins and revenues as fallout of intense competition and domestic regulation. Researches undertaken by leading analyst firms confirm global telecom services market to continue to be the highest IT spending market while mobile broadband would offer the largest opportunity for operators to grow revenues and vendors would be focusing on ROADMs, carrier Wi-Fi, converged packet optical and network related services in times ahead to gain competitive edge.

The rivalry between telecom giants AT&T and Vodafone is long drawn. As Vodafone tries to close in on AT&T for dominance, the rivalry is bound to intensify in years to come. As Verizon and Sprint gears up to surge ahead in its quest for dominance, the competition for the top slot is bound to intensify in times ahead. In the current post, we have tried to track these brands on social media and analyze the buzz around them. For the deep dive analysis, we have focused on three key factors –

  • Share of Volume,
  • Sentiment Balance, and
  • Top Topics of Discussion about these brands in social media conversations.

Let’s see the performance of both brands on each of these metrics:

Share of Volume:

Share of volume is the relative share of a brand in all the buzz happening on social media about the industry. Though, it does not indicate popularity of a brand or lack of it, it is a great indicator of awareness about the brand on various social media

Above chart shows share of volume for various players in telecom services space with respect to each other. It is clear from the chart that AT&T and Vodafone lead the pack on share of volume. However, AT&T is a clear winner compared to Vodafone in the buzz generated.

Sentiment Balance:

Sentiment balance shows the proportionate balance of positive and negative sentiments expressed in conversations from social media. Fusion Analytics World automatically categorizes data under positive, negative and neutral sentiment using advanced text analysis and natural language

The chart clearly indicates that AT&T has a better sentiment balance compared to Vodafone. Positive sentiments for AT&T are greater than that of Vodafone whereas the negative sentiments of Vodafone are quite higher than that of AT&T.

Vodafone with high volume and high negative sentiment indicates most of the conversations are not what their PR and Marketing teams would like to see. Insights like these help brands take immediate actions before things go out of control, especially by knowing the topics of discussion elaborated in the next section.

Key Conversation Topics:

This report goes deeper into the data to garner major topics from the buzz on social media channels. For the telecom services space, the topics and their share in conversations for AT&T and Vodafone is as below –key-conversation-topics-telecom-fusion-analytics-world

The top topics of conversation are:

  • Updates
  • Hates
  • Customer Service
  • Cancellations
  • Activation
  • Sim Cards

The chart highlights relative importance of each topic for both brands from the point of view of their customers. Interesting is to note that AT&T leads on topic of love while Vodafone leads on topic of offers. Verizon sees conversation surrounding updates, iPad and hates.

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