Operational Analytics is Where We Should Be Headed!

 Operational Analytics is Where We Should Be Headed!  Considering the organizations based in India, Capgemini has worked with a lot of Indian companies in the  manufacturing and automotive space and…

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Top 100 Analytics Startups of 2015

To find the top 100 analytics startups, an initial query requesting all companies that develop and sell analytics software to enterprises, competing with business-to-business (B2B) business models was completed using…

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5 Essential Analytics for Internet of Things Applications

Data analytics, the brain of IoT ATLANTA – Mike Gualtieri, principal analyst at Forrester, hosted a panel titled Five Essential Analytics for IoT Applications, at Teradata’s PARTNERS 2016 conference in Atlanta….

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Get Started in Data Science: 5 steps you can Take Online for Free

From gaining the right skills to acing your first Data Science interview, these resources can help put you on the right track. Making a career change is never easy, but…

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10 Big Data Jobs for Good Salary Spikes in 2017

It has become important to pay note to Big Data as it is no longer a mere buzzword. As per Forbes, it is poised to becoming a movement. Big Data…

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Revolutionizing Manufacturing With Predictive Maintenance Analytics

Industrial machines generate billions of data points every year. Somewhere, hidden in all that noise are the critical signals that pinpoint the possibility of partial or complete machine failure. Identifying…

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Facebook Instant Articles and Adobe Analytics

When Facebook and Google announced their intentions to create faster mobile experiences, we at Adobe applauded the move. When our publisher customers heard about Facebook’s plans many of them opted…

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Importance of Customer Experience in Marketing

These days, customer experience, data and brand strategy are gaining a lot of importance in marketing. Both the customer experience and data analysis play a bigger role and marketers are…

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Advertising Analytics

Combine People, Process, and Technology for Advanced Advertising and Analytics

In many organizations, advertisers are caught up in the time-consuming chore of campaign management and rarely move beyond basic reporting. However, the most successful advertisers are learning to automate their…

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How to Develop a Seamless Analytics-Maturity Plan

Tired of meaningless data that can’t be leveraged? Tired of not knowing your audience base? What if you could find your customers before they find you and target them with…

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