Finding Lost Information in Big Data

Big Data is only as valuable as the information it contains; information removes uncertainty from whatever answers your data provides — whether it’s about business, weather, sports, or quantum physics….

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Why Audience Data Should Be at the Center of Customer Experience

We all interact with a slew of ads each and every day. In some cases, when they offer you something that is not of interest to you, you probably simply…

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Three Reasons to Dig Deep Into Mobile Analytics for Data-Driven Marketing

When we look at data-driven marketing for mobile deployment, one thing is clear: mobile apps built on data are now key points in the customer journey. Mobile devices have become…

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Less Mad Men, More Mad Skills: Making Predictive Analytics Work for You

“In my heart, I know we cannot be defeated, because there is an answer that will open the door. There is a way around this system. This is a test…

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Big data analytics

5 Steps to Analyst Success

All around us, we are surrounded by information and data. In fact, there is so much information bombarding us each day that there is even information about recovering from information…

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Big data analytics

How to Gain, Keep, and Evangelize Through Understanding the Whole Customer View

Gone are the days when the goal of a marketing campaign was to increase page views and email opens. In today’s world, where the majority of customers are using smartphones…

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The Best Is Yet to Come — Predicting Customer Behavior With Data

What if you had a crystal ball that would predict customer behavior with uncanny accuracy and gave you the power to create the roadmap necessary to change the future of…

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The SIMPLEST Tools of Predictive Analytics Make Better Decisions Than You Do, Mr. Marketer.

Traditional analytics are antiquated, time-consuming, and ineffective — and, if you’re still using them, it’s time to stop! Even the simplest tools of predictive analytics can be used to win…

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Defining Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Data Science — Without the Mumbo Jumbo

If you walk into any conference room in the world, it is likely you will hear people talking about “opening the kimono” in a “play for transparency” so they can…

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big data analytics

Four Reasons Why Big Data Analytics in the Cloud Makes Sense Now

Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics have, perhaps rightfully, been slower to take off in the cloud than other software categories. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) was an early mover, driven by…

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