8 Beginner Analytics Blogger Mistakes to Avoid


Companies offering analytics products and services can benefit from creating their own analytics blogs as this is a great way for them to show who and what they are to their target market. This is also a platform where they can share information that the readers would find helpful, thus also helping them become authorities in their niche.

For instance, if you are offering analytical services to businesses, you can share on your blog anything and everything that revolves around this. Companies would find your information useful and you’ll gain their trust. In case they consider getting analytical service, they are more likely to hire you.

From a reader’s perspective, blogging is only about publishing posts like articles and videos. However, once you start blogging (beginner blogging), you’ll learn that there’s a lot of work involved before you can even publish your content. You must do your research and ensure that your post is factual, helpful, and fascinating. It must also be done regularly so there’s always something new that your audience would look forward to.

While you might be an expert in the tech area that you are in, you are still a beginner in blogging even if your niche is also in tech like analytics. It cannot be evaded that you’ll be making some errors throughout the process. There are also the blunders of novice technical bloggers from which you can learn.

The infographic we prepared lists the usual errors that new technology bloggers make. Find out how they can be avoided to prevent the problems that they bring.

See the illustration below and be a more effective analytics blogger:

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