SAP launches data analytics application for connected vehicles

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SAP recently announced the launch of SAP Startup Studio, an accelerator program that will provide mentoring, infrastructure, technology support to seven seed and early stage startup companies. With this, SAP Labs is establishing a dedicated program to drive entrepreneurship in India. SAP Startup Studio will provide companies having an idea or early prototype with guidance and support in building their business during the first year through access to SAP’s huge ecosystem of customers and partners.If required, SAP will also take an equity position and reference to SAP’s Merger & Acquisition team for the next stage of growth.

Based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the application will collect, store, map and analyse real-time sensor data from vehicles and equipment.

In order to provide data analytics capabilities that can be used for fleet analytics, the German multinational enterprise software maker SAP has launched an application, SAP Vehicle Insights, to manage connected vehicles.
Based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Vehicle Insights application will collect, store, map and analyse real-time sensor data from vehicles and equipment.

According to SAP, Automotive companies that deals in commercial fleets and even the consumer car makers can use this application for optimisation of their vehicle management process.

Once integrated to a vehicle, the application will provide real time data like gear recognition, fuel stops, scores for economical driving or heat mapping.

With its predictive maintenance functions for mileage and tire wear, repairs can be planned more efficiently, thus reducing costs.

“Whether it is a truck on the road, a forklift at the warehouse or an excavator at a construction site, everything needs to be operated in the most efficient way possible. We help customers not only to rapidly develop and implement these scenarios for their businesses, but also to validate them in the market and scale them accordingly over a short period of time,” Stephan Brand, senior vice president, products & innovation Internet of Things (IoT) and moving assets, SAP, said in a statement.

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