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Guest Post Submission for Research & Analytics Content

Contribute articles and blogs to ‘Fusion Analytics World‘ on topics related to Research, Intelligence & Analytics that inspire you. Speak to our global Research and Analytics audience through our Organic, Social and Digital Channels.

The contributing articles or blogs will be related to Market Research, Business Analytics, Market Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Business Research and related areas.

What would you like to write about? – Be Heard, Be Yourself and Write the Way You Want to Write!

Contribute your articles or blogs to…

  • Expand Your Personal and Company Brand
  • Develop Your Online Reputation
  • Reach a Global Audience
  • Increase Your Google Author Rank
  • Broaden Your Twitter & Social Connections
  • Improve Your SEO Rankings
  • Collaborate with Analytics professionals
  • Craft Your Social Footprint


For an article or blog you’re contributing, it must be:

  • Accurate and factual:  This is the #1 most important rule for our site.  If what you submit isn’t factual and isn’t well researched, it won’t get accepted.
  • Educational and entertaining: so illustrating some interesting fact, application in any industry, or the like, while not reading like a dictionary.
  • Written by you with none of it plagiarized from somewhere else. (Note: We always double check this before accepting an article.)
  • Not published elsewhere on the web. (published elsewhere in a magazine, book, or the like is OK, so long as you still own the rights to the article; please tell us if it’s been published in one of these places and where/when)

You can directly post from your profile page or send us by e-mail (editable word document attachment) with the following information:

  • Your name and email address
  • A two sentence bio at the top of your post
  • Your organization name and position
  • A link to your website/blog with social media profile links (optional)
  • A high-resolution image (optional)

Thanks in advance for contributing to the Fusion Analytics World!

Other Content: You can share interviews that you want to publish, post jobs, courses that you want to undertake, feature your start-up, post your event/webinar/meetup, videos, slides and what not.

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*Legal Note: If your article or blog submission is accepted and you agree to publish on our website, you agree that fusionanalyticsworld.com has the full right to publish your article and that you are the author of that article. Furthermore, you agree that once your submitted article/blog is published on fusionanalyticsworld.com, becomes the sole owner of all copyright, publishing, and other rights related to the article’s content.  (We will of course give credit where credit’s due when we publish the article, but our legal adviser says we have to have these rights in order to publish it in the first place, in order to avoid potential legal problems down the road.)