Using Big Data To Boost Oil Industry

Digitalization has found tremendous applications in oil and gas exploration. Commonly termed, “Digital Oil Fields” some of the biggest oil and gas companies of the world have developed their own…

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75 Must-Know Data Science Interview Questions

The role of a data scientist is highly malleable and company dependent. However, the general skill set needed is similar. To prepare for your interview, you may want to brush…

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MARC&CO: Providing Comprehensive Yet Easy Platform For All Your Analytics

Kalyan Banga, Founder & Chief Data Scientist of Fusion Analytics World caught up with Mr. Raheel Ahmad, CEO of China based MARC&CO to find out how they are transforming decision…

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Big Data and Machine Learning

With machine learning you just dump all your data into a fancy algorithm and everything gets sorted out. Right? Not quite. Analysts will tell you that they typically spend about…

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Big Data, Analytics and Metrics to Make Better Decisions

To properly align the needs of your business with a strong CRM system, a best practice is to strategically leverage what is known as the ‘SMART’ approach, a methodology that…

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By 2018 there will be direct monetization of IoT algorithms

BI and analytics market is changing and giving way to new business models. How to keep pace with it and how to master the data world were the questions answered…

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Indian Fintech startup uses big data analytics to offer real time credit

In a country where 75% of households earn less than Rs 5 lakh annually, there is a big shortfall in consumer financing. Typically, banks and NBFCs are not equipped to provide…

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Why enterprises will en-route India for big data analytics

McKinsey estimates that India will need 200,000 data scientists in the coming years. While the demand is huge, organizations are facing acute challenges in training the workforce and making their…

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Roadmap for data-driven organization

There are many who believe all the true transformational opportunities for quantum improvements in business are to found only by exploring the unknown-unknowns through big-data analytics.  So what exactly are…

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Business Analytics – Turning Data Into Insight

In an era of Smarter Analytics, it is imperative that businesses leverage the massive quantities of data available to them. In order to remain competitive, data must be transformed into…

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