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Guest Article by Chandrani Bhattacharjee & Pritam Bhattacharjee, Editorial Adviser, Vedic Life Trends

Vedic Astrology – an Introduction to Internet generation

Vedic Astrology is a part of the Vedic literature (including religious and secular texts) and it is called as the “eye of the supplementary Vedic literature” or a means to see what is not seen now – a-drista in Sanskrit [not visible now] and this Sanskrit word is also used to denote what is called destiny in English. We must bear in mind that astrology has been a part and parcel of all recorded civilizations of the world and the tradition dates back to the dawn of civilization itself.

We may ponder over the fact that in few thousand years back, say in Egypt, it was life-and-death issue to predict the floods of the Nile river. Today, after few thousand years, predicting and choosing the right technology trend may be life and death for a large corporation. Consider Nokia’s fatal error in not able to detect that Android will be a dominant trend in comparison to the historically dominant trend of Symbian for mobile phones.

This survey will briefly describe the framework of Vedic astrology using terminologies and examples that are easier to understand in our modern ears. Most of the seminal texts are written in Sanskrit and one of the difficulties is that most of the current practitioners have never studied the original books in Sanskrit and thus they rely on second, third or even fourth hand translations or commentaries! Another problem is their communication aspect of their framework and a non-exposed person will easily conclude that it is some voodoo mumbo-jumbo.astrology-big-data-analytics-and-prediction-fusion-analytics-world-kalyan-banga

Fig 1: Similarity in patterns of processes: global, planetary, cosmic and an individual we may know

In Fig. 1 above, the  first curve is the movement of a specific stock in NYSE for forty years, below  is the solar emission over 50 years and the last one is the cosmic radiation intensity in a point for last 30 years. The graph at the right is a hand-plot of a freelance translator’s income over four years [2010-2016] .

These diverse processes: individual, planetary, cosmic processes show a strikingly similar pictorial similarity. It is now natural and scientific to ask, without any bias or prejudice that is there any underlying single framework in all these processes?

Modern scientific tradition that started in Western Europe some five hundred years back, in its widest scope started to investigate this unity of framework, popularized by the observation: “the force that makes an apple fall is the same force that is maintaining the whole motions of the Universe.”  One of the fundamental discoveries of modern science in our century is that of quantum mechanics, genetic code and deep insight into the central  processing unit in human body – human brain. Human brain has some unique data processing capabilities, investigation of which remains a central problem of Artificial Intelligence theory.astrology-big-data-and-predictive-analytics-fusion-analytics-world

Fig 2: Human genetic code, Human brain and Schrodinger Wave Equation

In fig 2, the first picture is of genetic code, second is the convoluted brain and the third is the Schrodinger wave equation predicting with certain level of probability the ‘destiny’ of an electron.

Now see figure 3 belowuse-of-big-data-in-astrology-and-horoscope-prediction-fusion-analytics-world

Fig 3 : A Vedic horoscope or natal chart which can be considered as an encrypted signature combining three entities – patra (specific and unique genetic combination of a living entity), sthana (space co-ordinate), kal (time co-ordinate with reference to a time reference). Mathematically, we can express the above picture as a multi-variable and cross-connected function F (time, place, individual and unique conscious entity).

As per the framework of Vedic Astrology, this encrypted function – F (space, time, individual) can be unpacked both in past and present with reference to a specific time T (at the moment when someone studies the function).  It is a common mistake for people to believe that horoscope belongs to a person. NO. A horoscope is an “encrypted mind”, so to say of a particular time unit in a particular space that gets mapped to an individual and unique conscious entity.

Another interesting aspect of looking into this function by a competent astrologer has an effect which is quite analogous to the quantum equivalent of observer deciding the outcome of an experiment. This is easily understandable when we consider that this function is not only dynamic and non-linear but globally connected in its widest scope – as captured by the example of butterfly effect where a slight, almost negligible change in internal state / condition after a very long time span may decide the fate of some profound event.

The Vedic Astrological Tool Box


Fig 4: Cycles and Epicycles – Predictive aspect of Vedic Astrology

One of the very powerful tools Vedic Astrology provides is cycles and epicycles. The whole HYPER BIG DATA is squeezed into a 12 house diagram with initial conditions put in. The 12-box diagram now provides infinite number of time series. The series is now interpreted just like an analyst interprets the DATA.

There is a possibility, in some cases where the analyst’s very actions can impact the nature of the data. Example : Insider Trading where few individuals collude and gather information and this in turn changes the future course of events and sometimes with catastrophic result to the horoscope of the analyst / actor (From boardroom  to jailhouse : recent insider trading). This can be detected either by observing the data connected with them and action thereof (a call, another tip by a call, a major trade, predicted event happens, massive illegal gain). 

Vedic astrology is a life-management tool and an astrologer is trained to interpret this HYPER BIG DATA, balance the probabilities and draw meaningful conclusions. Just like two SEO experts do not v agree 100%  on the same question regarding a client whereas working on the same Google searches, astrological opinion vary and it is reasonable and natural that it will vary. 

Vedic astrology is a very vast domain of knowledge, experience, benchmarks, theories and empirical lemmas. Most of its seminal texts are written in Sanskrit. There are ample numbers of charlatans as well.

One of the greatest misunderstandings that has been circulating and practitioners lend credence to this that “physical planets” govern our fate. This is utterly wrong and utter nonsense.  Let us consider that Google has started an interplanetary office in Mars.  If we observe now some specific change in Google’s algorithm and attribute this to some movement in Mars and consider this as the cause of this change, how wrong we shall be! Planetary positions and movements are considered indicators / signs of the underlying deeper and profound cosmic processes that govern all the matter and life within and without.  Our lack of understanding or lack of mastery of the process does not necessarily mean an absence of such process.

Some Interesting Thoughts – Vedic Astrology and modern Data Science 

There are many interesting cross-points between the framework of Vedic Astrology and modern data science.  The predictive aspect of modern data science is built fundamentally on the premise of identifying, testing, validating and then predicting some event on the data pattern.  If we dig deeper in this premise, we find an unproven intuitive “faith” that insights are and can be extracted from studying these patterns of data.

Vedic Astrology’s framework can build a persona profile based on the natal chart and so is the data science’s claim of building a behaviour pattern based on these data and interpreting them.  As a next step, these profiling can be used to manipulate or change behaviour. In VA framework, an analyst can alert about these behavioural cycles (dasha cycles) and based on the relatively stable profile signature can predict within bounds and limits of probability. 


             In our quest to bring benefits of Vedic Astrological framework for the Internet generation in an authentic and effective manner, our research has indicated some interesting cross-connect and overlap with the nascent data science. We are developing a synthetic Trending product called Trendium based on our research on this theme. This cross-connection between two distinct tradition of Vedic Astrology and Data Science is not something strange or out of order as to anticipate the future from studying the past is a part of human condition itself.

It is highly certain that our civilization is going through a passage of “mechanism” to “organism” and subtler tools and framework are needed to face the challenges in our work, relationship, business and education. Models that were developed in an industrial age are going to show their limitations. In our continuing quest for new models and tools to face the future challenges, we shall not only discover new tools but will also re-discover old and ancient tools.

Authors: Chandrani Bhattacharjee, Founder and CEO, Vedic Life Trends,   and  Pritam Bhattacharjee, Editorial Adviser, Vedic Life Trends ,

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