How Text Analytics Helps Reduce Customer Churn Twice as Fast

Lexalytics Webinar

Dr. Vasudeva Akula of VOZIQ demonstrates how to reduce churn twice as fast, when you add the power of text analytics to a traditional, CRM data based predictive churn model.

Please go to for their free trial, which lets you analyze up to 1 million agent notes free.

Convert your contact centers customer interactions into strategic customer experience intelligence with VOZIQ’s Predictive Text Analytics Solution.

About Lexalytics: Lexalytics provides enterprise text mining (aka text analytics) and sentiment analysis solutions. Salience is an easy to integrate engine that will structure millions of tweets, emails, comments, surveys or any other textual data in a matter of minutes. A text analysis from Salience will extract sentiment bearing phrases, entities and themes from the text. It can also automatically categorize text using a queries – a Boolean login based classifier, or user categories – a classifier based on the semantic knowledge from wikipedia.

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