Retail Social Media Analytics (Part II)

E-Retailers: Understand your brand through retail social media analytics As the world wide web has evolved, so has shopping. Social media has offered retail players the opportunity to form an association…

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How Text Analytics Helps Reduce Customer Churn Twice as Fast

Dr. Vasudeva Akula of VOZIQ demonstrates how to reduce churn twice as fast, when you add the power of text analytics to a traditional, CRM data based predictive churn model….

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How to Use Microsoft Excel to Analyze Free Text Surveys, Feedback and Complaints

Using Microsoft excel to analyze numerical or well-categorized data is relatively straightforward. It might not be easy necessarily, but at least you normally know exactly what to do. If you…

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Jason Baldridge, Natual Language processing

An Inside Update on Natural Language Processing

This article is an interview with computational linguist Jason Baldridge. It’s a good read for data scientists, researchers, software developers, and professionals working in media, consumer insights, and market intelligence. It’s for…

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Text Mining, Text Analytics, Fusion Analytics World

Making data science accessible – Text Mining

What is Text Mining? Text Mining is a general catch-all for a range of techniques for extracting information from text strings. Being able to extract, clean and summarize text data…

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