data life cycle

Towards a Data-driven Organization: A Roadmap for Analytics

Building a Data-driven Organization requires identifying and prioritizing the opportunities where advanced analytics can make a material difference to the quality of decisions! I was one of those fortunate few…

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predictive analytics in flight

Using a predictive analytics model to foresee flight delays

Imagine an app that can predict flight delays. The ebook, Using a Predictive Analytics Model to Foresee Flight Delays, describes how data scientists and developers can build such an application….

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Getting Started with Spatial Data Analysis in R

Spatial and spatial-temporal data have become pervasive. We are generating spatial data from route planners, sensors, mobile devices, and computers in different fields like transportation, agriculture, and social media. These…

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project Summary

Picking an Analytic Platform

Summary: Picking an analytic platform when first starting out in data science almost always means working with what we’re most comfortable.  But as organizations grow larger there is a need…

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Big Data Analytics: Tech to wipe-out uncertainty from business

Uncertainty is an integral part of any business but US-based BPO firm Concentrix promises to improve the predictability and deliver guaranteed business outcomes with its analytics solutions By Mohd Ujaley…

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Marketing Mix Modelling and big data analytics

Mumbai-based iPredictt Data Labs, a big data analytics provider of machine learning software to B2C, B2B companies recently launched a marketing RoI tool, iPredictt MMM+. Built using Big Data tools,…

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Businessman touching financial dashboard with key performance

Are big data analytics investments yielding RoI?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Investments on big data analytics have started yielding return on investments (RoI). According to the findings of the survey by Teradata, McKinsey and Forbes Insights on the state…

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Data center

With eye on big data, STT expanding data centers

SINGAPORE: Singapore Technologies Telemedia (STT) seems to be on a rapid investment spree despite global economic uncertainties. The reason being the company has developed a keen interest in big data,…

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big data analytics

Four Reasons Why Big Data Analytics in the Cloud Makes Sense Now

Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics have, perhaps rightfully, been slower to take off in the cloud than other software categories. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) was an early mover, driven by…

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Analytics strategy

What the Heck is an Analytics Strategy? And Why Do You Need One?

Many analytics projects flat out fail, others go over budget, over schedule and end up not delivering the promised business results. There are many reasons for these failures. Gartner listed…

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