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9th edition of Aegis Graham Bell Award nominations open

India is always envisioned to be portrayed as a conspicuous innovative hub for rising brilliance and virtuosity. However, we often questioned about the panache and endowment of our countrymen for…

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Using Big Data To Boost Oil Industry

Digitalization has found tremendous applications in oil and gas exploration. Commonly termed, “Digital Oil Fields” some of the biggest oil and gas companies of the world have developed their own…

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Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

In data science world supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms were the famous words we could hear more frequently when we were talking with the people who are working in data…

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Data Science, Machine Learning, Visualization, Data Mining, Statistics, Fusion Analytics World

Get Started in Data Science: 5 steps you can Take Online for Free

From gaining the right skills to acing your first Data Science interview, these resources can help put you on the right track. Making a career change is never easy, but…

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Big Data Salaries, Fusion Analytics World

10 Big Data Jobs for Good Salary Spikes in 2017

It has become important to pay note to Big Data as it is no longer a mere buzzword. As per Forbes, it is poised to becoming a movement. Big Data…

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Data Scientists on Twitter, Fusion Analytics World

Top 5 most influential Data Scientists to follow on Twitter

Top 5 most influential data scientists to follow on Twitter Twitter is a centre of #DataScience #Analytics activities. Fusion Analytics World have picked the 5 highly influential contributors from across the…

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predictive analytics in flight

Using a predictive analytics model to foresee flight delays

Imagine an app that can predict flight delays. The ebook, Using a Predictive Analytics Model to Foresee Flight Delays, describes how data scientists and developers can build such an application….

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brainstorming session

Defining Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Data Science — Without the Mumbo Jumbo

If you walk into any conference room in the world, it is likely you will hear people talking about “opening the kimono” in a “play for transparency” so they can…

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Network Data Analysis

Data Science for Beginners 3: Ask a question you can answer with data

Welcome to the third video in the series “Data Science for Beginners”. In this one, you’ll get some tips for formulating a question you can answer with data. You might…

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