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5 Ways Data Mining Can Help Your Business

Data mining, aka knowledge or data discovery, is nothing new. It has been around for several decades now, and it’s a method used in collecting and analyzing data for various…

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75 Must-Know Data Science Interview Questions

The role of a data scientist is highly malleable and company dependent. However, the general skill set needed is similar. To prepare for your interview, you may want to brush…

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Big Data Adds Speed & Accuracy To Decision Making: Tableau

In a conversation on the sidelines of analytics and big data, Deepak Ghodke, country manager, India, Tableau divulged Dataquest how big data is helping enterprises to transform and take their…

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Leading HR Execs Discusses How Big Data Can Help You Hire Smarter

Is it possible to predict if your team’s best performer is going to leave you in six months? Or if that unassuming interview candidate is going to be your “rockstar”…

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R Basics (stats): Data Frames

Data Frames are the tables to store data. If you recall the vectors from the first R notes data frames can be imagined as the collection of vectors with same…

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Association Rules in R [Data Mining] (diapers and beer)

[Introduction of Association Rules] Sometimes, the anecdotal story helps you understand the new concept. But, this story is real. About 15 years ago, in Walmart, a sales guy made efforts…

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Data Mining – The Big Picture!

Data Mining – The Big Picture! from Khalid Salama Recently, in the fields Business Intelligence and Data Management, everybody is talking about data science, machine learning, predictive analytics and many…

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Business analytics and data mining

Business analytics and data mining from Hoang Nguyen Business analytics and data mining  

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