big data analytics

Four Reasons Why Big Data Analytics in the Cloud Makes Sense Now

Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics have, perhaps rightfully, been slower to take off in the cloud than other software categories. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) was an early mover, driven by…

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Analytics strategy

What the Heck is an Analytics Strategy? And Why Do You Need One?

Many analytics projects flat out fail, others go over budget, over schedule and end up not delivering the promised business results. There are many reasons for these failures. Gartner listed…

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Big data analytics

Big Data – still sexy, and getting more exciting

Like a thriving nightclub, a refined wine bar, a smoke filled scotch den, or a corner of a quiet restaurant, everyone has his or her own definition of sexy and…

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big data

4 Important Lessons from Working with Big Data

When working with Big Data, especially in the Online Advertising domain, numbers can be unexpected. We must actually have a small percentage of the total traffic that hits the servers

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Data analytics

Is All Big Data Analyzeable

Many business users are excited about the potential of Big Data to evolve their organizations. You cannot expect a dataset to unlock any mysteries until you know question that needs…

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