Stephen Mallik ArtiE

ArtiE: Enterprise Platform for Building Voice Intelligent Solutions

In a conversation Mr. Stephen Mallik, CEO, ArtiE divulged Fusion Analytics World how ArtiE is changing the Enterprise landscape through their unique voice activated AI platform managed natively from any device. Introduction: Yourself….

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Blueocean MI and Cross-Tab Merge to Form Course5

Course5 will drive digital transformation for businesses through Analytics, Insights, and Artificial Intelligence.     The Cross-Tab Group, which includes the companies Blueocean Market Intelligence, Cross-Tab, and Borderless Access, had…

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What is Robotics Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Guest Author: Santanu Dutta A Data Scientist must understand the data in hand. Before diving deep into the oceans’ of predictive analysis, he/she have to pause and look at the enormous…

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Big Data in AI - Fusion Analytics World

Role of Big Data in Future of AI

Big data trends are shaping AI in 2017, and their convergence has emerged as the most important development. It is shaping the future of how companies generate business value from…

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What IoT Means To Analytics

We are lucky to be living in a world where everything is supposed to be smart. I live in a smart home, I know the time with a smart watch,…

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Big Data Adds Speed & Accuracy To Decision Making: Tableau

In a conversation on the sidelines of analytics and big data, Deepak Ghodke, country manager, India, Tableau divulged Dataquest how big data is helping enterprises to transform and take their…

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Machine Learning and Traditional Statistics

Machine Learning and Traditional Statistics have different philosophies in their approaches. With “Data Science” in the forefront getting lots of attention and interest, I like to dedicate this blog to…

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MARC&CO: Providing Comprehensive Yet Easy Platform For All Your Analytics

Kalyan Banga, Founder & Chief Data Scientist of Fusion Analytics World caught up with Mr. Raheel Ahmad, CEO of China based MARC&CO to find out how they are transforming decision…

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AI Data Analytics Startup Nugit Raises $5.2M

Singaporean Artificial intelligence data analytics startup Nugit Pte. Ltd. has raised $5.2 million in funding from Sequoia India. Founded in 2013, Nugit uses artificial intelligence, natural language generation, and visual…

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