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9th edition of Aegis Graham Bell Award nominations open

India is always envisioned to be portrayed as a conspicuous innovative hub for rising brilliance and virtuosity. However, we often questioned about the panache and endowment of our countrymen for…

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Predictive Analytics in Retail

Smart Use of Predictive Analytics in Retail Sector

Cut-throat competition and rising adoption of technology in the retail industry are both changing the ecosystem. But it won’t be wrong to say that predictive analysis as a technology has…

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GSTN to use Analytics

GSTN Data to Leverage Analytics to Nab Tax Evaders

GSTN data to leverage analytics and find meaningful ways to interpret and help make sense of the filings in tandem with other government departments The data generated through the technology backbone…

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Leading HR Execs Discusses How Big Data Can Help You Hire Smarter

Is it possible to predict if your team’s best performer is going to leave you in six months? Or if that unassuming interview candidate is going to be your “rockstar”…

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Retail Analytics, Fusion Analytics World

EY launches Microsoft-backed analytics platform for retail industry

EY has, as part of its strategic alliance with Microsoft, launched a ‘Commercial Analytics Services Hub’. The new cloud-based analytics platform will, according to the Big Four firm, help consumer…

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Adobe Analytics, Fusion Analytics World

Facebook Instant Articles and Adobe Analytics

When Facebook and Google announced their intentions to create faster mobile experiences, we at Adobe applauded the move. When our publisher customers heard about Facebook’s plans many of them opted…

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Next-generation predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is the most significant technology trend in business today for organizations that want to achieve competitive advantage. In this executive summary of benchmark research performed by Ventana Research,…

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Building a Predictive Model

Building a Predictive Model from DKALab  

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Auto Analytics, Fusion Analytics World

How Mahindra & Mahindra turned days into minutes with analytics

Imagine if car manufacturers could monetize their data and collaborate with retailers to improve consumer’s driving experience or cars on road sending sensor data back to auto manufacturers, helping them…

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Data analytics

How analytics helped the Maharashtra Sales Tax Department boost revenue collection

BI and data warehousing solution led MSTD toward better financial forecasting and better ability to detect frauds Tax evaders find various means to avoid paying governments their due—under reporting incomes…

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