Timeshare Industry Research (US)

Timeshare Industry Research Insights (US) US Timeshare Industry Research – Fusion Analytics World from Fusion Analytics World  

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Data Science – Regression Analysis & ANOVA

Data Science – Part IV – Regression Analysis & ANOVA from Derek Kane This presentation provides an overview of linear regression analysis, interaction terms, ANOVA, optimization, log-level, and log-log transformations….

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Social Media Analytics: Quant & Quali Reporting

Social Media Analytics: Quantitative and Qualitative Reporting from Stephanie Hatch Leishman Social Media Analytics: Quantitative and Qualitative Reporting. Learn the basics of social media reporting and discover why numbers aren’t…

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Auto Analytics, Fusion Analytics World

How Mahindra & Mahindra turned days into minutes with analytics

Imagine if car manufacturers could monetize their data and collaborate with retailers to improve consumer’s driving experience or cars on road sending sensor data back to auto manufacturers, helping them…

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How to Develop a Seamless Analytics-Maturity Plan

Tired of meaningless data that can’t be leveraged? Tired of not knowing your audience base? What if you could find your customers before they find you and target them with…

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Text Mining, Text Analytics, Fusion Analytics World

Making data science accessible – Text Mining

What is Text Mining? Text Mining is a general catch-all for a range of techniques for extracting information from text strings. Being able to extract, clean and summarize text data…

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Logistic Regression

Making data science accessible – Logistic Regression

What is Logistic Regression? Regression is a modelling technique for predicting the values of an outcome variable from one or more explanatory variables. Logistic Regression is a specific approach for…

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