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Conversation Map - Technology Social Media Analytics

Laptop players: Understand and improve your brand through social media sentiments

With the expanding reputation of media websites and consumer generated reviews, it is vital for laptop manufacturers to maintain a strong presence on all the major sites and connect with its audience to stay ahead in the extremely competitive laptop market. Good positive reviews can really ensure a strong base for potential bookings in future, while lots of negative sentiments on review sites might erode the laptop player’s future market share with competition taking advantage of negative reviews of its rivals. Studies indicate more than two third consumers citing online consumer reviews are considered to be major source of trusted platforms of advertising.

In present day’s highly socialized and interactive online space, laptop players should have sufficient marketing fund and resources for managing the brands online reputation as well as push use it to push sales by connecting with the audience on social media and major review sites.  Social posts along with reviews, presents the power of persuasion for numerous online customer base. Whether the review is disgraceful or extraordinary, it will persuade purchasers of laptops to either book the laptop of a particular brand or give a pass and move on. In addition, channel partner sites, company’s own portal and various review sites offer fantastic value to the manufacturers SEO strategy, while alongside capitalizing on the social integration factors and consumer generated media buzz. They will not only help drive valued traffic to one’s website and in turn business, but importantly will help to protect the brand reputation as well.

With the aid of social media analytics tools, technology firms are constantly monitoring relevant insights from social media discussions. Within the substantial volume of conversations happening all round lies a wealth of pertinent information for technology companies like insights regarding their limitations in areas related to websites, customer services, products or cloud based applications clients loving or hating; understanding their customer’s voice and further mapping with its competition; thereby being able to make informed decisions on time.

To showcase the real impact, Fusion Analytics World now analyzes the sentiments flowing around major laptop manufacturers:

1. Sentiment Balance:

Sentiment balance shows the proportionate balance of positive and negative sentiments expressed in conversations from social media. Fusion Analytics World automatically categorizes data under positive, negative and neutral sentiment using advanced text analysis and natural language processing.Sentiment Balance - Technology Social Media Analytics

The chart clearly indicates that Acer has the overall best sentiment balance followed by Toshiba and Samsung. On the other hand, Lenovo has the worst sentiment balance followed by Dell since difference between their positive and negative sentiments is the least among the major laptop manufacturers that Fusion Analytics World is tracking.

Dell with high volume and high negative sentiment indicates most of the conversations are not what their PR and Marketing teams would like to see. Insights like these help brands take immediate actions before things go out of control, especially by knowing the topics of discussion elaborated in the next section.

2. Understanding the Conversation Map:

The Fusion Analytics World analysis goes deeper into the data to understand through conversation map about what customers talk on social media. For the convenience of notebook manufacturers, bubble shows the size of each conversation topic, and lines connecting the bubbles show how frequently these different topics were discussed together on the same mention (i.e., tweets or blogs etc). –Conversation Map - Technology Social Media Analytics

Gaming and Pricing, Reviews and Gaming, Pricing and Reviews, Touchscreen and Screen and Operating System and Touchscreen were some of the top conversation topics discussed on the same mention around laptop brands. Understanding relative proportions of discussions with the help of above visualizations can help marketers’ device appropriate promotions. For example understanding that discussions around Touchscreen is 2 times more popular than screen, discussions related to Operating Systems are way more popular than WiFi etc., can help in leveraging appropriate topics for their next marketing campaign.

3. Understanding the positive and negative topics

Positive and Negative Themes - Technology Social Media Analytics

To recognize the causes responsible, we have used advanced deep text analytic techniques to identify the common negative themes present in these mentions. Image above shows a word cloud of the most common positive and negative themes present in mentions for laptop brands.

The top negative themes emerging from the above analysis for laptop manufacturers are regarding their leaks manual and computer problem related experiences. It looks like their customers are not really enjoying these as much as laptop players would want them to. Looking further, we also find that people are showing displeasure related to laptop ownership, convertible laptops and touchscreen option related experiences. The key positive mentions are regarding availability of various types of laptops, numerous design projects, graphics card, PC memory and Chinese laptop manufacturers. Interesting to note while customers are unhappy with Asian rivalry in the laptop space, however, they have given positive comments towards Chinese laptop makers. Insights like these can help laptop manufacturers take immediate action so as to increase satisfaction of customers and reduce negative sentiments flowing.

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