Should Data Science Include Ethics Training?

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ymeon, Data Science and ethics
What is ethical and what is not??
in my opinion what is ethical is in line with time and place. Things that are ethical now and here weren’t ethical in an other period and maybe are not ethical in other places of the world. On the other hand science is the passion for pure knowledge. Science has nothing to do with ethics. Science is the truth, a pure light which doesn’t care about what humans call ethical or unethical. Scientist are looking or better they are called by this light. The real question is should scientist share this truth with the common people…?

Gregory Piatetsky, Editor, Statistician code of ethics
interesting UN document, but it is dates from 1985 and very long. I wonder how many statisticians have actually read it. I think a code of ethics should be short and easy to remember to be effective. Think “10 commandments”.


Should Data Science Include Ethics Training?

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