Pokemon Go, Fusion Analytics World

Pokemon Go explained with Watson Analytics

Wondering why you’re seeing large groups of people of all ages wandering around town holding their phones out at arm’s length? Are your kids, colleagues, or neighbors talking about capturing…

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Data visualization

Why we love these 5 data visualization tools

If you are from the finance, sales, marketing or operations sector, then you must have noticed that massive data is crawling into your everyday life. No doubt it will keep…

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R programming, Fusion Analytics World

Skilltest on R for Data Science – Solution

Introduction R is the most commonly used tool in analytics industry today. No doubt, python is catching up quickly. Many companies which were heavily reliant on SAS, have now started R…

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Skilltest in Statistics – Solutions

Introduction Statistics is one of the founding pillars for a career in data science and business analytics. Unless a person understands the basics of statistics well, he will not be…

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data life cycle

Towards a Data-driven Organization: A Roadmap for Analytics

Building a Data-driven Organization requires identifying and prioritizing the opportunities where advanced analytics can make a material difference to the quality of decisions! I was one of those fortunate few…

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San Francisco Police Department Crime Incidents: Part 1-Time Series Analysis

Introduction The City and County of San Francisco had launched an official open data portal called SF OpenData in 2009 as a product of its official open data program, DataSF….

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R programming, Fusion Analytics World

R Basics (stats): Data Frames

Data Frames are the tables to store data. If you recall the vectors from the first R notes data frames can be imagined as the collection of vectors with same…

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Data Mining, Fusion Analytics World

Association Rules in R [Data Mining] (diapers and beer)

[Introduction of Association Rules] Sometimes, the anecdotal story helps you understand the new concept. But, this story is real. About 15 years ago, in Walmart, a sales guy made efforts…

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Data, Big Data, Fusion Analytics World

Roadmap for data-driven organization

There are many who believe all the true transformational opportunities for quantum improvements in business are to found only by exploring the unknown-unknowns through big-data analytics.  So what exactly are…

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Business Analytics

Data Science for Beginners 5: Copy other people’s work to do data science

Welcome to the fifth video in the series “Data Science for Beginners”. In this one, you’ll discover a place to find examples that you can borrow from as a starting…

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